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14 February 2012

It’s V-day and – of all things! – I’ve got a Spice Girls song in my head.

by misslampa

So the fancy birds at UQ Lakes think it’s time to free their minds of doubt and danger.


And this pair thinks they now have to be for real and stop being strangers.


Even if they’re not really of the same feather, these ducks seem to be asking each other to come a little bit closer, baby.


And all these bring me to the citrus bugs in the garden of the share house I live in, who must be loving the fact that they can get it on, get it on.


So is tonight the night when 2 Become 1, then?


Beats me.


But if there’s a cruel joke or subliminal message in all these for me who’s happy (I think) and single (this, I’m sure of Ü) at 28, I’m just going to pretend I didn’t get it.


Still, if the universe – in all its infinite wisdom – ends up throwing me a Valentine who’s sweet and funny and romantic and witty even after this overly commercialized V-day ceases to be, I may just consider confessing that I need some love like I never needed love before, that I’ve had a little love and am back for more.


(You just went ♫ wanna make love to yah, bey-beeh– ♪♪ in your head, didn’t ya? =D)


It sure seems like the Spice Girls know what they’re talking about anyway. NOT, haha! I really just wanted to post some pictures of the not-so-wild wildlife here in Brisbane. that’s all. Happy V-day, everyone! Love. love. love!




Here’s a special shout-out to snap-happy Denise and Eleanor for the pictures!