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16 July 2013

Moments Teachers Like Me Live For

by misslampa

In this particular video, it happens twice. Once at 1:57, and then again at 2:02.

It’s always fast, fleeting, and barely noticeable, but it’s the first thing I look out for every time I’m with my students.

Because without fail, the moment they realize that they’ve just learned something they themselves believe to be genuinely worth their while, their faces light up.

And teachers like me? We live for that moment. Even more so if the learning didn’t come easy.

Eyebrows shoot up, pupils dilate, lips part just a wee bit and form the top half of an oblong. And everything in just a little less than a second because after that, they become aware of what’s happening, stop themselves, and revert to sporting the I’m-playing-it-cool look.

Some students I’ve worked with take anywhere from a few minutes to several months to get there. But I bet a lot of teachers will agree that for most, it takes years or decades even – long after the teaching has stopped. It’s not the learning that takes long to come, it’s getting them to become completely sold on the idea that what they’ve learned inside your classroom is actually useful and will continue to be so even outside of it.

And If you’re lucky, they find a way back into your life to tell you all about it.

I know it’s hard to believe given how adorably cute the young boy in the video looks every time he gets excited at the thought that he can read now. But I tell you, seeing a fully-grown man’s face light up like that over something you’ve taught him back when he was still in high school?

Equally worth the wait.ÜüÜ

This one’s for all those who have come back to say thanks.♥

I first stumbled upon this video via this awesome link on

8 August 2012

I remembered a scene from my dream this morning.

by misslampa

I’m sadly not the type who’s privy to what goes on in my head while I’m asleep, but in a rare feat, I remembered a scene from my dream this morning.


– – – – –


Yes, Coco Martin once wanted me by his side, but before you send me hate mail, let me just make it clear that he’s never appeared in any of my dreams. Down, ladies!


– – – – –


I was having dinner with a love interest from waaaay back who once broke my heart by saying he couldn’t love me back. We were in one of those places where the soft lights make everything delicate and romantic, and the clinking of wine glasses turns each moment into a dream.

(But it WAS a dream, remember? The wine and the glasses probably have nothing to do with it, stupid.)

We were seated at a table for two by the glass window, and I was looking at the city lights outside as he rambled on and on about the big and little things he adored about me, and about the exact moment he realized that he did love me, too. But that by then, he had already told me otherwise and thought it best to just leave things be.

I looked nonchalant, but I probably asked him why he didn’t tell me about all this then, because what followed were the only words from the dream that I could remember.

Oh, but I did tell you about it. You just didn’t know I was talking about you.

I turned my head to look at him with kind eyes, not knowing whether I should punch his arm in jest or just laugh it all off because it all seemed too long ago, and as it turns out, time does have a way of making everything  lighter and funnier, without necessarily making any of it less true.

Then right on cue, the sun roused me from my sleep.

– – – – –

At saan naman kaya nanggaling ‘to? (I wonder, what could’ve triggered all this?) It must be the monsoon rains back home, misslampa. It’s got to be those rains.

But seriously, I had this dream after I read Dat’s tender post about the time she waded through the flooded streets of Manila and learned about love. I think my dream is a spin-off of her “Years Later, Now” entry, which, believe me, gives more justice to this type of an-almost-love-story storyline. Do yourself a favor and read her more of her work here.

With that, I bid the world good night. My course readings – my real-life love as of the moment – are waiting for me. It’s time to step out of dreamland now.

29 June 2012

And another Blogger Award goes to…me! :-)

by misslampa

To be deemed versatile is a grand thing, so here’s a big shout-out to the perky and prolific Amanda for putting me at the top of her list. (She blogs more regularly than I do – about moving to a different country and starting a new life and all the ups and downs that come with living overseas. Do read her, she’s interesting. Ü)

It’s been a while since I last blogged, to be honest. I’ve been back in school since February of this year, and although I did more writing this semester than all of last year combined, most of it was academic and referenced and simply so bloody research-based for the blogging world. (Besides, everyone knows how much of a nerd-nerd I am already. Why rub it in, right?)

That’s why a part of me feels guilty about receiving this award. It’s a good thing that the rules surrounding the getting and giving of this award made no mention of consistently indulging one’s creative muse. Still, the moment I found out about Amanda’s kind gesture, I’m back to blogging again.  Of course, the fact that I’m on break now has a lot to do with that, but I digress. :-)

Apart from thanking the one who gave me the award, I am required by the VBA to pass on the award to 15 bloggers I personally read, and then to share seven things about myself with the person who nominated me for this award. The rules strike me as very arbitrary, but I’m more than happy to cooperate! I imagine that, in part, I’ve been given the award because those who came before me followed the rules.

And so indulge me as I confer the Versatile Blogger Award upon the following blogs:

And here are the seven very random things about myself, for Amanda’s entertainment:

  • I’m allergic to alcohol, boo.
  • I do not have a Twitter account.
  • Creating travel itineraries thrills me.
  • I am realizing, slowly but surely, that I am not a winter person.
  • I am of the opinion that the most beautiful thing in the world are sunsets.
  • I love that distinct old-book-plus-new-book smell that only old university libraries have.
  • Getting awards and giving them away delights me to no end, so thank you very much for bestowing the VBA upon me!

Here’s to the grand tradition of blogging and reading other bloggers, people! Cheers to us! :-)