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10 August 2013

There are parts of me I didn’t know existed until I started running.

by misslampa
It's unheard of for the night owl that is me to be this perky so early in the morning.

Can I really be this perky so early in the morning? For running, baby, I can be. =p


Like this part of me that can be up and about – and happily so – before almost everyone else is.

And the part that can’t seem to get over the elegant burst of colors in the sky at sunrise.

Or this bit that feels like paying homage to whoever invented the treadmill. And the bit that rejoices whenever the display reads 10 kilometers or 1,000 calories.

Or this side of me that no longer minds getting sweaty so much. And in fact, now enjoys feeling the warmth of the sun on my back. Provided I’ve put on sunscreen, of course.

And the part that has gotten used to the early morning winter chill. The same bit that no longer uses it as an excuse to stay buried under the sheets and just go back to sleep.

Also, the bit that’s now okay with getting sore feet and water blisters and aching legs.

There’s also this part of me that loves reading up on lactate thresholds and minimalist running and Fartlek. And the side that equally loves carbo-loading and oversleeping after a long run. (I’m doing it wrong, I know. Go ahead, sue me.Ü)


I’ve also discovered this side of me that can get everything in the world to shut up – myself and my thoughts included – by repeatedly putting one foot in front of the other until my lungs give out. I seriously don’t remember being able to do that. Ever.

(Okay, in all honesty, my lungs have yet to give out. The only person in my life who’s seen how slow I am when I run refers to what I do as a nice, long stroll. How supportive, no? )

Running has also turned me into one who doesn’t keep track of time, and remains mighty proud of herself even if she’s always one of the last few to cross the finish line. But check back on me after a year or two. Perhaps when I’m no longer the newbie I am now, I’ll relish the thought of having some slowpokes eat my dust. Or not, let’s see.


Among the many new pieces of me which I now carry in my heart, though, what I am most surprised and happy with is this part that doesn’t want to go through the ordeals and triumphs of running alone, and is grateful beyond words that this didn’t have to be the case for me.

If you had an adorable minion cheering you on, I'm sure you won't mind running, too. Ü

If you had an adorable minion cheering you on, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind running, too. Ü


It’s mildly unnerving for someone who, for most of her life, has been all about tackling things on her own. But as all the old and new parts of me are slowly but steadily finding out, that is simply not how runners roll.

And well, I’m a runner now. So, umm…

Wait, what was it that was supposed to unnerve me again? :-)



This one’s for the patient and kind-hearted John Tsai, without whose coaching, cheering, and occasional cajoling I wouldn’t have taken up running in the first place. For everything you’ve done to help me get to this point, thank you.☺