GoodVid: A traveling couple documents their encounter with Future

by misslampa

The views of Chile and Patagonia are spectacular beyond words, and the soundtrack’s easy on the ears, too. But it’s really Future’s voice that makes all the difference in this video, I think.

In this short piece that’s full of heart, we hear Future asking us to think about whether or not it is possible to find happiness in this life, and whether we’d be able to say – at the end of it all – that we enjoyed turning our time here on earth into an unforgettable joyride.

Do yourself a favor and click the Play icon. I was all-smiles and awe-inspired by the time I finished watching the video, not to mention that I was itching to hit the road again and experience something new.

Now I’m looking forward to the day I’ll find my version of that “place where time and direction don’t exist,” and to that moment when I’ll look at Future in the face and tell him,

Yes, I had an epic, enchanting, enjoyable life. And I enjoyed it immensely, thank you. ♥ ♥ ♥


I found out about this video through Kenn Chua, who posted a link on his Facebook wall. This thank-you postscript goes out to him! ÜüÜ

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