Tattoo Trip

by misslampa

I revisited my Multiply site and found this hilarity from years back:


Coolest tattoo ever, right?


My brother did this to me the night before he took his electrical engineering board exams. It’s so sabaw (stupid),  I know, but he needed to de-stress and all so I played the role of a supportive sis and let him have a go at my forearm.

But OH MY GOD, he didn’t tell me he was gonna draw A WATER DISPENSER!!! I seriously didn’t see that coming.

It’s a good thing he ended up placing 6th, or else all the snickering and humiliation I had to stand because the freaking “tattoo” wouldn’t come off for days would’ve been for naught.

Oh, the things we do for family sometimes. And oh, the things they do to us! :))




Before WordPress came into my life, I had Multiply for all the bits and pieces of me which I wanted to share with the digital world. Sadly, it will stop hosting blogs come December.

7 Comments to “Tattoo Trip”

  1. did you ever try asking why he drew that? :))

    • I did, siyempre. It has something to do with a similar tattoo being used in one of those Ariel and Maverick shows. I don’t remember the details na, ang kulit lang ng kapatid ko. ;-))

  2. It’s been a while! thank you for visiting my blog today :)

  3. Haha glad that was not a permanent tattoo.
    PS. I tagged you in a travel confession post if you have a travel confession or confessions you’d like to share.

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