I remembered a scene from my dream this morning.

by misslampa

I’m sadly not the type who’s privy to what goes on in my head while I’m asleep, but in a rare feat, I remembered a scene from my dream this morning.


– – – – –


Yes, Coco Martin once wanted me by his side, but before you send me hate mail, let me just make it clear that he’s never appeared in any of my dreams. Down, ladies!


– – – – –


I was having dinner with a love interest from waaaay back who once broke my heart by saying he couldn’t love me back. We were in one of those places where the soft lights make everything delicate and romantic, and the clinking of wine glasses turns each moment into a dream.

(But it WAS a dream, remember? The wine and the glasses probably have nothing to do with it, stupid.)

We were seated at a table for two by the glass window, and I was looking at the city lights outside as he rambled on and on about the big and little things he adored about me, and about the exact moment he realized that he did love me, too. But that by then, he had already told me otherwise and thought it best to just leave things be.

I looked nonchalant, but I probably asked him why he didn’t tell me about all this then, because what followed were the only words from the dream that I could remember.

Oh, but I did tell you about it. You just didn’t know I was talking about you.

I turned my head to look at him with kind eyes, not knowing whether I should punch his arm in jest or just laugh it all off because it all seemed too long ago, and as it turns out, time does have a way of making everything  lighter and funnier, without necessarily making any of it less true.

Then right on cue, the sun roused me from my sleep.

– – – – –

At saan naman kaya nanggaling ‘to? (I wonder, what could’ve triggered all this?) It must be the monsoon rains back home, misslampa. It’s got to be those rains.

But seriously, I had this dream after I read Dat’s tender post about the time she waded through the flooded streets of Manila and learned about love. I think my dream is a spin-off of her “Years Later, Now” entry, which, believe me, gives more justice to this type of an-almost-love-story storyline. Do yourself a favor and read her more of her work here.

With that, I bid the world good night. My course readings – my real-life love as of the moment – are waiting for me. It’s time to step out of dreamland now.

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