So the sssecond time wasn’t a charm

by misslampa

I briefly mentioned encountering the weakly venomous dwarf crowned snake in a previous post during my first month in Brisbane. Back then, I glossed over the details because the last thing I wanted was to remember everything. I mean, I definitely didn’t want to forget, but I was thinking more along the lines of waiting for it to turn into a vague memory. You know, kind of like your first Christmas gift from Santa Claus, when you were old enough to rip apart the wrapping paper and open the present yourself? You’ll always be certain it happened but for the life of you, won’t ever be able to recall much.

I was aiming to get to that state, you see,  but the universe had other plans. So when I returned to my bedroom after having dinner upstairs (yep, our kitchen’s upstairs…long story, don’t ask), I found this waiting for me:

WordPress world, meet my new roomie, the dwarf crowned snake from Southern Queensland.

It’s a bit longer compared to the first one I encountered in the bathroom about five months ago. But it’s just as black, just as shiny, just as agile, and just as stealthy.

One thing I didn’t expect, though, was to be twice as scared. Sure, I was more composed this time because I’ve seen this snake before and knew it didn’t have enough venom to kill me. I’ve read somewhere that it’s a reluctant biter and that if push comes to shove, all it’s going to do is rear up and pretend it’ll strike you if you come any closer. I did my research the first time it happened, you see, and I knew enough to know that it would be somewhat safe to take pictures. Ha!

All this time, I was working under the assumption that if you’re armed with knowledge and experience from a prior encounter, it would be perfectly logical to expect that you wouldn’t be as rattled the second time around.

Oh, how wrong I was.

I still ran away from the snake and repeatedly shrieked, “There’s a snake in my bedroom! There’s a snake in my bedroom!!” until all my other housemates came to my rescue. Looking back, I now find it funny that, amidst the panic, I continued speaking in straight English because it was the common language in the house. It was a completely wasted opportunity to use some expletives in my native language, sayang (what a shame).

My guy housemates, bless their kind souls, took care of everything and removed the snake from the premises. I am now about a foot away from where my roomie snake used to be and there is no trace of it whatsoever, but alas, I still feel like all is not well with the world. The shaken feeling still remains, unfortunately, so I guess it’s time to move out.

Apologies to the brave, bold race from which I hail, but I have no intention of finding out whether the third time’s going to be a charm.

Because for me, the second one definitely wasn’t.

5 Comments to “So the sssecond time wasn’t a charm”

  1. hahaha! snake whisperer ka pala eh! so wait, you’re really moving out? :O

  2. That’a s bummer about the poisonous snakes. Even if they aren’t lethal I’d still be freaked out about getting bit. Your exclamation of “There’s a snake in my bedroom” reminds me of Woody’s line in Toy Story “There’s a snake in my boot!”

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