The Lure of Writing

by misslampa

We all scramble for ways to hold on to that which we’d want to remember. These days, it’s not unusual to see people taking photo after photo of themselves or whatever it is they’d like to freeze in time. I totally get this incessant desire to capture moments and milestones and mishaps, really. But taking pictures and sharing them via Instagram, er-, um, they don’t quite cut it for me.


Not the former, but the latter.


So instead, I open a blank Microsoft Word document and wait for that small but steadily blinking cursor to compel me to write.


Fine, you got me. It’s been really more like this, heehee. Ü
I guess I’m not that old-school, after all.


It’s a bit strange, I know. I am 28 years old and should be part of this generation that clicks away at everything with their digital SLRs and phone cameras. When it would only take a second or two to take a shot of any event that’s worth immortalizing, why slave for hours over a blog entry that no one would bother reading?


Hmm. Tough question.


I think it’s because if I’m really honest with myself, I’d know that the choice between pictures and words is not mine to make. People who fancy themselves as creative writers probably feel the same way – that we must continue to nurture this love affair with words because our souls die a little each time we shrug off this nagging urge to write.


Call it borderline psychotic, but as with all art, the lure of writing is something I can’t refuse. Now unless you’ve surrendered to some form of artistic expression yourself, this idea will be very difficult to understand.


And so,  amid looming course deadlines and my lack of sleep, I take the time to make sure my spirit survives the night. I write and revise blog posts such as this one ’til I’ve indulged my muse enough. I hold debates in my head over which angle to take, whether to keep or change a phrase, and how much of my draft will see the light of day. In many ways, I make it more tedious and time-consuming for me to hold on to every someone, something and someplace I’d rather not forget.


And In all honesty, this set-up suits me just fine. I couldn’t be happier that things like cameras and Instagram don’t quite cut it for me. :-)

6 Comments to “The Lure of Writing”

  1. absolutely! I am unmoved by all the photo blogs, unless some clever wellchosen words bring them to life

  2. I like taking photos, but I can’t only do that. Even with participating in the photo a day challenge (which I post at the end of the week because I can’t justify taking up a blog post just for one photo) I have paragraph-sized captions under each. There are things words may not always be able to convey, but a picture alone won’t tell the whole story to someone who wasn’t there.

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