by misslampa

If you told me some months back to consider living life à la Steve Irwin here in Brissy, I would have put on either one of these faces:

I gotta admit, they look good on Russell. But I am 28 years old, and that makes all the difference.


As much as I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, I’ve never liked close encounters with creatures I can’t converse with, much less read or understand. And unfortunately for me, animals fall under that category. It’s well and good if they’re being sweet and cuddly, but when they start tearing your skin off and biting your calves to bits and you can’t make them stop… well, that’s mostly why I steer clear of them.


But Brisbane – and I’m guessing most of Australia – makes that goal unrealistic, even impossible. There’s wildlife at the uni I’m attending, and although they scared me shitless during the first week, these humongous (in my standards, at least) water lizards delight me now, especially if I encounter them not in grassy fields but on paved concrete. The more unexpected, the better, so I guess their novelty and strangeness have won me over.

Say hello to my scaly, scary, icky friends.


Even at home, I’ve lost count of the spiders, toads and lorries with which I share my living space. I used to mind that a lot, but have long been desensitized. About the only thing I’m still afraid of is the nocturnal southern dwarf crowned snake which gave me such a scare when it decided to appear in my bathroom at 11:30 p.m. during my first month here. Good thing I have a veterinarian housemate who came to my rescue.

It’s only 30cm long, actually, but I still cringe
at the possibility of another chance encounter!


It was such a shame, having to wake up/bother half of the household at such an ungodly hour, looking like a poor damsel who needed saving. And from what, of all things? From this teeny weeny monster that’s not even long enough to coil itself around my neck twice, pfft. But I’ve redeemed myself since then, o-ha, and I have the pictures to prove it!


I’ve been told that kangaroos and emus can knock you out, but my curiosity got the better of me.Ü


If you can shell out $16 and stand the stink,
you can get one of the Lone Pine Sanctuary koalas to grope hug you, too!


A lot of things have been sealed with a kiss, but I bet
there aren’t as many who can say they’ve been kissed by a seal!
[Inset: A snapshot of the purple-and-white-and-orange
sea urchin I gamely held at UnderWater World in Maroochydore.]

Who knew I had it in me to hold a saltwater crocodile that close to my face, right?
I’m sure even the late Steve Irwin would be proud.


And my proudest moment, of course, is when I mustered enough guts to carry this murraydarling snake during my uni’s Market Day for the first semester of 2012.

Did. Happen. Ha!


Not bad for silly old me who, as a little girl, considered feeding the family dog the most terrible household chore in the world.




As requested, Mr. Cua. Thanks for keeping me accountable to my muse. :-)

6 Responses to “Crikey!”

  1. finally, your overdue post! i’m still curious how the snake got in your bathroom, though. and i never thought koalas were that stinky for you to mention it here HAHA

    • hindi ko natanong yung snake kung paano siya napunta sa bathroom namin e, sorry. next time, next time… :-)) and yeah, the one i got was a female so it actually didn’t stink as much (it was more bamboo-ey and eucalyptus-y), but ang bali-balita the males have that distinct smell raw.

  2. That’s pretty cool you’ve gotten close to all those animals


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