Packing Sh*t

by misslampa


(excuses to Francine Anne Sayoc, who wrote a blog post with a similar title years ago)


I never really got around to writing this post before I left Manila. This business of cramming your life into a 20-kilogram luggage  (+ 10 more for carry-on, but just as crammed), it was way tougher than I could handle. And of course, between packing sh*t and blogging about it, I had to choose – what else? – packing. How exciting.


I didn't even have time to take pictures for this post, boo. So once again, Danbo and Mini are making an appearance.


A few years back, when a friend wrote a post asking how one could possibly fit one’s life in a suitcase, I said something which  I thought was wise then:


you can’t, so you don’t. otherwise, there won’t be any reason to come back. ;p


I still consider it good thinking, actually, to leave enough of yourself back home. It IS home, after all, and it would cease to be such if you’ve got more of yourself in a Samsonite or elsewhere, right? But to actually go through the grueling process of choosing what to bring and what to leave behind, that’s where the challenge comes in. I realize that just now.


It was unnerving to be packing for the next two years when you’re not even sure what that holds. It’s like gearing up for battle without knowing what the terrain would be like, and whether you’re gonna need to bring your rain boots.


Would I be able to handle the cold once winter comes around or should I bring more scarves?

Should I bring a dress just in case I end up going on a date in a fancy resto?

Would seven pairs of footwear be too much? Or should I just leave my favorite heels?

How many shades of lipstick should I actually bring? Decisions, decisions.


More importantly, I was feeling so mababaw (shallow) for asking such mundane questions. I was never one to think about clothes and make-up. And to think that we were also asked to bring a national costume. Seriously, I felt every bit like a Miss Universe contestant.


Oh, how life cracks me up sometimes.




For Sir Daniel, who was kind enough to remind me that I should go back to blogging. After all, this is my home, too. :-)


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6 Comments to “Packing Sh*t”

  1. grabe sana nagpaalam ka man lang…sa isang dinner na treat mo! haha! kailan ka pa umalis? :O saka, mag-eexpect ako ng maraming aussie blog ah! hihi

  2. uy, treat ko na yung sa podium, remember? yung sa chinese resto? :-)) i flew out of manila jan 12 and got here jan 13. swerte ka na nga, as in. there were friends na di ko na na-meet before i left, heehee. miss ko na ang pinas, cua! blog about the impeachment proceedings, your cono school, the manong jeepney drivers, anything! basta pinas-related, hehe! =DD

  3. Thanks for the mention Miss Lampa!

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