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3 December 2011

And the Award Goes to… Me!

by misslampa

My last post for November was about taking writer Roald Dahl’s advice and looking for and finding magic in the most unlikely places. Still, I never really thought of my blog as one such place, but fellow blogger Daniel has sent me some pixie dust just a few days after in the form of this little award:

Ain't it cute? :-)


One can spend hours Googling the origin of this thing, but those who’ve come before me seem to be in agreement that it’s impossible to find where all of this started. Aside from the fact that liebster is the German word for “dearest,” some other things known about the award are…

a)  it’s given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers; and

b) it hopes that the recipient will bestow the award on five of his/her favorite bloggers (all of whom should have less than 200 followers as well) by revealing them in a blog post, including them in one’s blogroll, and informing them through a comment on their blog that they’re now part of the growing number of Liebster Blog Awardees.

It’s given in the hopes that the recipients will keep bestowing the Liebster Blog Award to fellow bloggers, as we all deserve that pat in the back for keeping the grand tradition of blogging alive. I know it’s not going to make me rich or famous, but I think the gallant Sir Daniel is such a dearie for picking me! I’m tickled pink, seriously, so please receive my heartfelt thanks.

Here's a snapshot of Sir Daniel, with all the hair and minus all the wrinkles.Ü


And since the theme of my 28th year has been giving, it delights me to now be in the position to sprinkle some pixie dust on some of the Filipino bloggers I enjoy reading:

Nherz Almo

– entertainment writer by day, foodie and wandering traveler at all those other times when work doesn’t get in the way

Jose Cua

– student, dreamer, and chronicler of the ups and downs of college life in one of the most conotic universities in the universe Ü

Job Perez

– master of the sarcastic and the romantic (ironic, I know) and a genius at pointing out everything that’s wrong with the world

Althea Ricardo

– learner, teacher, and writer who’s eternally hopeful and wide-eyed and excited about turning her life into one grand adventure

Juay Tobias

– runner-cum-baker who is effortlessly brilliant at maintaining a Zen-Zen aura (even if some of her posts seem to say otherwise)

Keep paying it forward, peeps, and congratulations! Let’s keep writing! :-)