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19 November 2011

Roald Dahl on How to Find Magic

by misslampa

Life’s not always a picnic, but that shouldn’t stop you from following Roald Dahl‘s simple and sensible advice:

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Who knows? The gentle winds may already be blowing some pixie dust your way. :-)


16 November 2011

Like Wind Through My Fingers

by misslampa

I think it was this scene from City of Angels (released in 1998) that first got me to notice how pleasant it must be to be still in the presence of something unseen. I can’t be certain, but one thing I’m sure of is this: I’ve had this love affair with the wind for as long as I can remember.

And even now that I’m old enough to know I shouldn’t be doing it, I still roll the car window down, hang my arm out, and feel the wind go through my palm and fingers sometimes. It still ranks high in my list of pure, simple pleasures.

There’s something soothing about having a gentle breeze play with your hair, your skirt, your tears – anything, really. It’s like being intimate with something that, try as it might, won’t ever be able to invade your personal space. And for someone like me with intimacy issues, that’s the rough equivalent of having your cake and eating it, too.

I love that it’s there and not there at the same time, that you can feel the breeze but not really touch it one bit, that you have to enjoy it while it’s there because there’s no way to make it stay. By its very definition, it can’t stay, for it won’t be wind if it’s not headed anywhere but where it is now. It’s paradoxical and romantic at the same time – two things a lot of people take a lifetime to become or understand. How can one not fall in love with that?

Uh-oh. The rainy and breezy night has gotten me overthinking again. It must be time to let the sound of raindrops lull me to sweet, sweet sleep.

From my dreamy heart to yours, good night.





photo taken from‘s post about their hunt for the worst movie of all time.

15 November 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

by misslampa

I’m up to my neck in work, heeeelp!

It has been the longest and most tiring day I’ve had in a long time. I started the day teaching Grades 2-4 kids in a Gawad Kalinga village in Baseco, sped off to White Plains to teach a Grade 5 tutee and her cousin who’s in 1st year high school, and then moved to nearby Corinthian Gardens to help an IB senior with his ToK presentation.

Apparently, a 7:00 a.m.-11:30 p.m. workday can be too much –  even for a workaholic like me.

So right after changing into my house clothes and slippers, I start craving for something brainless. Before turning in for the night, I want something – anything – that won’t require too much use of brain cells.

I look at my bedside table and see Umberto Eco‘s The Name of the Rose. Any other day, I wouldn’t think twice of picking it up so I can read ten pages or so before I sleep. But well, you don’t turn to Umberto Eco if you want something mindless. To Stephenie Meyer, perhaps, but not Eco. That’d be as stupid as getting sold on the idea that yet another love story about a certain vampire boy and a new girl in town is so brilliant and groundbreaking, it has to be turned into a movie franchise. Oh, but I digress.

Nope, I definitely won’t be reading Eco tonight.

I find myself reaching for the remote control. After all, you can always count on TV to have something dumb at any time of the day (and brilliant too, for that matter). I flip through some channels and settle on this telecast of a local swimsuit competition sponsored by clothing brand Mossimo. The host is about to start the question-and-answer portion.

Aaah, now this is mindless.

The contestants are vying for the title of Mr. and Ms. EcoTourism, so they’re asked questions about promoting the Philippines to the world as a travel destination. The first contestant approaches the mic.

Host: If you have to choose one word to describe the Philippines, what word would you choose and why?

Easy enough, yeah? Just choose one good word, easy as pie.

Contestant 1: If I will choose a word, I will say the Philippines is “a second paradise.” I call it a second paradise because, look around…

I zone out and fail to hear the rest of her answer. I get stuck trying to figure out how she screwed that up.

Some seconds later, the host calls on the second contestant. I tune in again.

Host: If you have foreign visitors, where will you bring them to show what the Philippines is and how we are as a people and why?

In that brief pause before the contestant opened her mouth, I imagine having to answer the question myself. Intramuros, Sagada, and Cebu come to mind.

Contestant: Of course, I will bring them to my hometown, Davao (metropolitan hub in the south of the Philippines). Davao is a wonderful place because it’s inclusive, not exclusive. I mean, in Davao, it doesn’t matter where you are. Anywhere in Davao, you’re in a place of equilibrium.

Ano raw?! (What was that?!) I stare at the ceiling for a while and say a silent prayer for all my recently-fried brain cells. Instinctively, I turn off the boob tube before I can even start analyzing her statements. If I take any more of this, I’d be my critical, wise-ass self again in no time, and I wouldn’t want that.

Hay, I really need to be more careful with the messages I send this generous, indulging universe.


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