GoodRead: Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman on Being Stretched Thin

by misslampa

Switchfoot‘s lead singer and guitarist Jon Foreman echoes my thoughts (or perhaps I echo him, or we echo all of humanity…with all of this echoing going around, it’s hard to tell, really) on the necessary and indispensable art of stretching oneself thin in an article which he writes for the Huffington Post.

It’s entitled “Making Art Out of Tension,” and in it, he says that “[t]he strings of our hearts were not made for safety. No, these strings are made to dance.” And well, I couldn’t agree more. So I put on my heels and take the stage to do just that.

I stretch myself thin and cha-cha to my heart's content.Ü

Just in case you missed the link above, you can click here to read the rest of this GoodRead. Of course, it won’t hurt if you take his advice to heart afterwards and live your own song – “lyric, melody, line and verse.”

Happy reading!^^

5 Responses to “GoodRead: Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman on Being Stretched Thin”

  1. your picture reminded me of the big loss i incurred by not having watched you in Duwa!

  2. I saw it mwahaha.


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