A Toast to Love

by misslampa

The year was

 and it was time.


For Ronald Raegan, it was time to be president.

For IBM, it was time to launch its first personal computer.


For boxing legend Muhammad Ali, it was time to retire.

 And for Music Television, it was time to rock and roll.


But for our dear, dear parents Carie and Dading, it was time to say “I do.”


And since then, the times in their lives have kept a-rolling.


First came the time to raise a family.


(and look at us now, all grown-up!)


Often, there are times to celebrate.



And yes, there’s been time to live the good life, too.


But through it all and ’til forever, for our parents, It has always been a time for love.


It’s been 30 years, Mama and Papa.

Now it’s time to toast to your love story!



 We’re Yours >> Diane, Donna and Dominic <3

One Comment to “A Toast to Love”

  1. 20 September 1981 – 20 September 2011 =DD

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