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27 September 2011

GoodRead: Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman on Being Stretched Thin

by misslampa

Switchfoot‘s lead singer and guitarist Jon Foreman echoes my thoughts (or perhaps I echo him, or we echo all of humanity…with all of this echoing going around, it’s hard to tell, really) on the necessary and indispensable art of stretching oneself thin in an article which he writes for the Huffington Post.

It’s entitled “Making Art Out of Tension,” and in it, he says that “[t]he strings of our hearts were not made for safety. No, these strings are made to dance.” And well, I couldn’t agree more. So I put on my heels and take the stage to do just that.

I stretch myself thin and cha-cha to my heart's content.Ü

Just in case you missed the link above, you can click here to read the rest of this GoodRead. Of course, it won’t hurt if you take his advice to heart afterwards and live your own song – “lyric, melody, line and verse.”

Happy reading!^^

14 September 2011

Realizations after Watching “Up!” (for the nth time Ü)

by misslampa

A friend played a song from the OST of DisneyPixar’s Up! while I was hitching a ride in his car a couple of nights back, and since everything about Up! makes me want to watch the film again, I decided to…well, watch the film once more.Ü



Don’t laugh, but I cried like a baby again – thrice – throughout the entire film. (Okay, you can laugh now.) I mean, how can you not be wistful after reading something like this?

Translated to English, this would read "Thanks for the adventure. Now go have one of your own. Love, Ellie"



I still think it’s the most amazing love story of all time,  but please don’t tell my students I said that. I’m an English and literature teacher, you see, and if they find out about this…it’ll be doubly difficult to make them read and struggle with and finish reading Shakespeare! My credibility is on the line, okay, so shhh…



And yup, I still think Russell is the most adorable boy on earth (and since I’m also fat and nerdy, I can totally relate to him, too).

I've convinced myself that Russell is based on bookish, clumsy, chubby old me. They just made him a boy in the hopes that I wouldn't catch on. Fat chance, Disney-Pixar.



But what I was half-surprised, half-pleased to have stumbled upon – after watching the film this time around – was that undeniable, irrepressible, unmistakable feeling that hey, I do want to find that one person who’ll turn out to be my own spirit of adventure after all. I long to know that Carl-and-Ellie-Fredricksen kind of love. Picnics by the tree on top a hill, that DIY white mailbox with names and handprints, cleaning the house, dreaming big dreams, shedding tears, holding hands, greying hair, toothless smiles, the works. And one day, I will.



A  decade ago, I wanted to be dead at 55. And up until late 2007 / early 2008, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to consider getting married. Then now I’m sending this message to the universe. So much for not confusing the cosmos with mixed signals, right?



Oh well. No wonder he’s taking so long. ^^



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14 September 2011

A Toast to Love

by misslampa

The year was

 and it was time.


For Ronald Raegan, it was time to be president.

For IBM, it was time to launch its first personal computer.


For boxing legend Muhammad Ali, it was time to retire.

 And for Music Television, it was time to rock and roll.


But for our dear, dear parents Carie and Dading, it was time to say “I do.”


And since then, the times in their lives have kept a-rolling.


First came the time to raise a family.


(and look at us now, all grown-up!)


Often, there are times to celebrate.



And yes, there’s been time to live the good life, too.


But through it all and ’til forever, for our parents, It has always been a time for love.


It’s been 30 years, Mama and Papa.

Now it’s time to toast to your love story!



 We’re Yours >> Diane, Donna and Dominic <3