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31 December 2009


by misslampa

What does Donna do a few minutes before the year – and more importantly, another decade – ends?

She pauses for a while…not to remember the highlights of the last ten years or to evaluate how she handled the situations and the hardships or even to regret all those wrong calls and failed attempts. She has done more than her fair share of thinking already (way too much, even). So tonight, she’s going to choose to do none of that.

In these last few minutes, she drowns out all the firecracker noise in the streets and just concentrates on her God. And she does the one thing that she’d like to keep doing for the rest of the coming year, not to mention the decade that’s just about to begin. She sends a big, big shout-out to the heavens – and lets Him know that He simply, constantly and absobluminutely rocks.

Amen, amen and amen.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, Lord. Cheers to 2010 and the coming decade, everyone!