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27 November 2009

She knows that no one – not even the most lawless of brutes – deserves to die that kind of death.

by misslampa

But she knows not what to do with all this RAGE.

She who usually counts on thinking out loud to find her way is lost. A hundred thoughts run through her head but the right words elude her. That is, if they exist at a time like this. When no amount of nouns and verbs can capture the brutality and pointlessness of it all. When the numbers add up but still nothing makes sense. When for once, “DAMN YOU, YOU MURDERERS” would be a very apt headline for tomorrow’s papers.

And even that doesn’t sound enraged enough.


I am rendered speechless by the brutal killing of women and members of the media in Maguindanao. But I write the words that do come to me because I desperately need to remember this anger, this condemnation, this disbelief. There’s just no way I’m going to let myself forget.


Here are some figures released on the 3rd anniversary of this nightmare: