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17 August 2009

Dear Mrs. Aquino

by misslampa

A country says goodbye to a much-loved former president.

Your family – and by this, I don’t mean just the Cojuangcos and the Aquinos – has begun to move on. The wind has started ripping and blowing away all those homemade streamers, those yellow ribbons which were lovingly put up for you from way back in July until two weeks ago. And although bouquet-bearing people still offer bright yellow flowers of all sorts outside of your home or by your grave everyday, normal life has resumed for the rest of the country,.

Which probably makes you happy, Mrs. Aquino, because I think you – in all your goodness – wouldn’t want this country to remain in mourning, albeit it was your passing which reunited us in the first place. After all, when you found out about Mr. Aquino‘s assassination, you chose to rise above yourself as you took on his cause and made sure that he didn’t die for naught.

But I hope you’d still let me think of you for a few moments each day, while I wait for sweet, sweet sleep. Fondly, I remember not the grandeur that was your life, but the values I hope to imbibe as I recall some snippets from it:

  • how you became the epitome of a woman in love when you chose to marry Mr. Aquino instead of pursuing law;
  • how you stood by your man despite and because of who he was and wanted to be and what he had chosen to do for this country;
  • how you were probably overwhelmed at the thought of raising your children when he couldn’t be with you but ever so bravely did just that anyway;
  • how you supported your children and grandchildren and made sure that they all knew the different ways in which they were loved;
  • how you took to painting to capture all the beauty and kindness you could see here on Earth;
  • how you chose to remain strong and giving in the face of a terrible illness;
  • and how you just allowed us to wholeheartedly love you – for that was all we can really do.

And I end up sleeping with a smile on my face and a wish in my heart, Mrs. Aquino: that the good Lord would give me the grace to live my private and lowly life as admirably as you had. When people think of me when I’m gone, it is my sincere prayer that they would remember me as one who simply lived and loved, and by doing so, inspired others to do likewise.
Donna Ü


The late Corazon Aquino was the first woman president of my home country, the Philippines.

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