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29 July 2009


by misslampa

This blog will contain nothing new, and there won’t be anything here to induce an Aha! moment in anyone. I’m sure countless 25-year-old singles have come and gone before me [male and female alike], seeing friend after friend promise to spend eternity with the love of their life, and wondering about if and when the time would ever come for them.

I guess the only way to go about this is to just get it over with – so I can make way for the next twenty- or thirty-something single who’ll be writing about the same thing, too.

As much as I’m afraid of commitment – more so if it’s the kind to last a lifetime – I am looking forward to proving my friends right: that this big C terrifies me only because I haven’t found him yet. Every now and then, the thought that a lifetime is an awfully looooong time to promise to someone still hits me, but I’ve found comfort in the cliché that I’d be wanting this forever to start as soon as possible once I’m in his arms.

The years have taught me well, I believe. I’m perfectly capable of and very much looking forward to giving all of my heart to him every day – and know that I’d still never run out of love to give. But whether I’m as capable when it comes to finding him, recognizing him when we finally meet, and letting him know that yes, I’d like him to be the one for me. . . Well, that’s an entirely different skill, apparently.

And one that I believe I will learn, eventually.

28 July 09, 11:26 a.m.


Postscript: I’m turning 28 in three months now, but the weddings and engagements still keep on coming. Am I the only one here who doesn’t want to marry until I’m at least 35?! I must be really be weird then, oh well.