And Off We Went to Do Some Trekking

by misslampa

The planned Anawangin summit trek and island hopping in Zambales had to be called off because of the storm, but we all deserved to get away from the city – even if it’s just for the weekend. So Eric, Marchie and I ended up climbing Mt. Romelo, going down a cliff to stand in awe of the magnificent Buruwisan Falls [both in Famy, Laguna], and lazing around and trying our hand at kayaking in Laiya, Batangas.

It’s my first time to trek, camp, help set up a tent, kayak, rock climb, and yes, even eat in an Andok’s dine-in resto. It’s also been a long time since I got this blistered and bruised, but oh well, all part of the adventure, I guess. They’re too measly to be battle scars, but now I can proudly say I’ve gone a-trekking and a-camping and totally enjoyed it!

And just in case you don’t want to take my word for it, here are some pictures:

I tried trekking to get a taste of that certain solitude that one can’t find in the city.


We set up camp and spent the night beside this über-cold yet refreshing batis (stream), which is also where we took a bath the next day. :-)


These were taken while we were setting up camp, but what I really want to show you are my soiled pants. Sadly, I slipped and fell on my butt on our way to the summit. I had bruises for about two weeks on the upper part of my butt cheeks, ouch!


We had to be on all fours the entire time because man, that was a steep climb!


But the sight of The Buruwisan Falls – and the refreshing dip we took – made the climb worth it. :))


We also managed to squeeze in some kayaking, and as you can see, we weren’t so successful at first. Heehee.


Here’s the three of us – posing with our bags at the foot of Mt. Romelo, taking a breather at the peak, and chilling out at one of Laiya’s beaches.


Good times! :-)

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