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27 June 2008

All that – an unlikely, teenybopper post

by misslampa

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I just can’t seem to get what it is with teenybopper scenes and me. I’ve always had this illusion that I’m beyond getting caught in such cutesy moments, but whenever life throws me one – well, it throws me one, period.

But every time, something in me feels compelled to write about it.

Take this guy who interviewed me when I had my passport renewed yesterday, for example. I never thought it was possible to make a living out of hitting on someone you barely know, but it was a bigger achievement to not come off as creepy. The exchange makes me look somewhat pathetic because I caught on way too late into the game, but I guess it’s possible for something to be both pathetic and amusing, right?

Snippet 1

Him: [sounding like I made a mistake] Hala.

Me: [politely, but with a worried tone] What?

Him: Wala lang. [pauses] Ka-birthday kita. [looks up from the form] Down to the year. [smiles sheepishly]

Me: [relieved, smiles politely] Ah. 25 ka rin this year, nice.

Him: Sabi nila, pag magka-birthday daw ang dalawang tao, ano– [trails off]

Me: Ano?

Him: Wala. [looking down, smiles to himself, reads the app form]

Me: Ah, okay. [thought bubble: You’re moreno and cute, mister, but I really don’t have time for this.]


Snippet 2

Him: Nasa Malaysia ka sa birthday mo?

Me: No, sa August. But birthday gift ko yung trip sa sarili ko.

Him: Ako naman, sa Puerto Galera. Regalo ko rin sa sarili ko.

Me: Ah. [thought bubble: Your babbling’s gonna make me late for work, grrr.]

Him: Pareho tayong bakasyon ang gift sa 25th birthday, galing.


Snippet 3

Him: So you’re gonna be touring Malaysia?

Me: Yeah. Backpacking.

Him: Mag-isa ka lang?

Me: No, with friends.

Him: Na-try mo na mag-travel mag-isa?

Me: Pag familiar lang yung place.

Him: I always travel alone when I go outside the country. It’s more fun that way.

Me: Well. [thought bubble: Mr. Moreno speaks English quite well and is comfortable enough in his own skin to enjoy traveling alone. Hmm, maybe I do have time for this…]


Snippet 4

Him: Where’d you graduate?

Me: UP. Diliman, but I’ve been working for quite some time now.

Him: Uh-huh. I want to take my masters there e. May BA ba sa open university?

Me: Am not sure. Try mo.

Him: You’re taking up masters?

Me: I used to, but at the Ateneo.

Him: [cocky smile] Wag ko kayang i-approve application mo? Makabawi man lang sa mga blue-blooded. [watches my face, waits for a reaction]

Me: [finally catches on, smiles] No. [smiles sheepishly] Please. [smiles sweetly]

Him: La Salle grad e.

Me: [nods, smiles]

Him: [pauses] Joke lang, [smiles sweetly] I’m gonna give you the 5-year validity. Dapat one year lang kasi tourist ka lang e, pero dahil ka-birthday kita–

Me: Thanks, thanks.

Well, it goes without saying that I need to brush up on Flirting and Pagpapa-cute 101. Still, I think I didn’t do so badly for my first lesson in such a long time. If I can work on being a lot less clueless – and being a lot more game – then perhaps, I’ll have more teenybopper scenes to laugh at and blog about in the months ahead.

Which, I think, would qualify as a good way to pass the time until I meet the guy who may just turn out to be all that.

27 June 2008 | 3:49 a.m.